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15 Unconventional Christmas Movies

by Dexter Babin, Austin Beattie, Peter Woodward
Cover Photo by Kristy Holt

God Bless us, everyone! If hearing that every Christmas makes you want to trip Tiny Tim and break his other leg, check out the following unconventional Christmas movies!

Dexter’s Top Five


5. Die Hard (1988)

“Now I have a machine gun…ho-ho-ho”

Enough said. 


4. Eyes Wide Shut (1988)

When people are asked about what they think about this movie, most beat it down so badly that it would make Ray Rice blush. I like Eyes Wide Shut, it’s a Christmas movie for adults. Kubrick uses Christmas decorations

to differentiate between the world of the ordinary American consumer and the world dominated by an orgy based elitist secret society.

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