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Ant-Man (2015) | Framed

by Troy Grzych

Ant-Man (2015)

must confess that I’ve never read an Ant-Man comic nor do I know much about the character other than what I’ve seen in this trailer and the possible vague recollection of some distant memories of maybe seeing him guest star in a Saturday Morning Cartoon. So with that said, I can’t really say I’m all that excited and pumped to see this flick. Sure, as a fan of the ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, I am compelled to digest it to see how it fits in with everything that has been established and wonder how it will all play into the next set of films coming down the pipeline.

Like I collected comics when I was younger, I need to see Ant-Man so that I have a complete run and don’t miss out on what’s coming next. The long gestating movie stars Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd (in the title role of the Ant-Man himself) have been part of the development since the beginning of Marvel’s Phase One. So despite my lack of extreme exuberance for seeing this movie, I know I will not be disappointed.It’s a Marvel Studios release and for me, as of yet, they have not made a bad one. But here at FRAMED it’s about one single frame that either gets me excited, or somewhat excited for seeing a movie and with the Ant-Man trailer there were not many frames to choose from because the trailer was simply mediocre except for one clip.


The one FRAME that does intrigue me is a shrunken Ant-Man riding bareback on a wasp as it zips off screen. If the movie is filled to the brim with scenes like this, then quite possibly my excitement level can be enticed to increase, because hell, I liked Honey I Shrunk the Kids when I was younger. Opening in theaters on July 17, 2015, on the strength of Paul Rudd and Marvel’s track record, I will be there.

 Framed: Movie Trailers

I could spoon feed you the same old mushy meal that is your standard movie trailer review. I could go into depth and detail describing tidbits that you could simply see for yourself by watching it countless times in heavy rotation on YouTube until you’ve cooked your noodle and seared every nugget of footage into your corneas…but that’s not what FRAMED is. A trailer is a tease, a glimpse, a snapshot of what the movie is and what it could be and FRAMED is exactly that. It’s about finding that one single shot, one moment, one individual FRAME that lingers with you and propels you to zip over to the nearest multiplex with Mike n’ Ikes and  a large diet soda in tow and form a line a year in advance of the film’s release.