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Jurassic World – Aerial Shot of Set in Six Flags

A few months ago, Troy showed me this aerial shot of the new Jurassic World set that was posted online recently. We decided to overlay that image over a screenshot of the old Jazzland/Six Flags in New Orleans from Google Maps. It looks like they built the Jurassic World set in the parking lot at Six Flags! I posted this previously on my website, but I thought it could be a cool thing to have on Nerdt as well.

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Check out the original satellite image of the set here!


I looked on TerraServer today, and it looks like they have actually torn down the set they built for Jurassic World. The image below has a more recent satellite image (taken on 11/15/2014) overlayed showing the basic shape still left behind without all the buildings. So does this mean that we won’t be seeing the park again in coming sequels?