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Terminator: Genisys (2015) | Framed

by Troy Grzych

Terminator: Genisys (2015)

He said he’d be back and he is. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars along side Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke, and Matt Smith in the Reboot/Sequel Terminator: Genisys. Sorry for the “I’ll be back” reference but what would a Terminator flick be without it as is evident in the trailer when a gray haired T-800 Arnold utters his famous catchphrase before diving from an inflight helicopter. I am so happy that they did not just remake this movie but instead have pulled a J.J. Abrams-type Star Trek reboot and included the mythos that had been established thus far and turned it on it’s head. I am completely looking forward to this next chapter in the series after the disappointing result that was Terminator: Salvation.

Terminator Frame

But the FRAME that seals the deal and got the biggest reaction from me wasn’t a gun toting Endoskeleton firing it’s laser gun or Hunter Killers zipping through the night skyline.  Instead it’s the shot of a dozen or so naked legs dangling of what appear to be the Arnold’s series Terminator hung in storage. One pair of legs slowly moves into the foreground and is lowered into place. Oh man this FRAME speaks volumes.  Is that the Terminator from the first film being selected to be sent back to eliminate Sarah? Is it the protector from Judgement Day about to be switched on to protect young John Connor or now the one that is sent to the 60’s to protect the likes of Sarah as a little girl. The idea of countless T-800’s awaiting to be put into service and hung in cold storage like that peaks my imagination and makes this one movie that can’t get here quick enough for me. The film opens July 1, 2015.

Framed: Movie Trailers

I could spoon feed you the same old mushy meal that is your standard movie trailer review. I could go into depth and detail describing tidbits that you could simply see for yourself by watching it countless times in heavy rotation on YouTube until you’ve cooked your noodle and seared every nugget of footage into your corneas…but that’s not what FRAMED is. A trailer is a tease, a glimpse, a snapshot of what the movie is and what it could be and FRAMED is exactly that. It’s about finding that one single shot, one moment, one individual FRAME that lingers with you and propels you to zip over to the nearest multiplex with Mike n’ Ikes and  a large diet soda in tow and form a line a year in advance of the film’s release.

At what point did I step into my FLUX powered stainless steel beauty and in a SNAP, CRACKLE, POP back a couple of decades to relive my adolescents but this time in the glory of full HD and mind-blowing CGI? The movies coming out in 2015 are stirring up my juicy nostalgic core with the same intense fever and excitement that gripped me with going to movies in my youth. It’s the 80’s and early 90’s once again and I couldn’t be more eager to see these flicks coming…and I don’t think I’m alone in that regards.