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The Walk (2015) | Framed

by Troy Grzych

The Walk (2015)

Opening on October 2, 2015, The Walk is a Robert Zemeckis bio flick about high-wire walker Philippe Petit and his historic 1974 tightrope walk between the still under construction Twin Towers in New York. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the daredevil Philippe Petit. In this trailer, the camera speeds up the side of the Twin Towers to reveal Philippe standing at the top staring across the void. It is simply breathtaking and definitely plays with one’s sense of vertigo. 


This FRAME illustrates the sheer power and emotion of seeing these buildings. Knowing the tragic events that will transpire several decades later only adds to the overall weight and grandeur. I look forward to seeing the special effects in this movie. Seeing how they handle the recreation of the towers and the tightrope event in particular is reason enough to see it for me.

The Walk-FRAME 1

However, there is a second FRAME in this trailer worth talking about, a FRAME so completely amazing that it almost…almost got picked as the main FRAME in this review. As a rather massive fan of what is only the best trilogy ever made about a time traveling teenager in a beautiful stainless steel work of art, I got extremely excited when early in the trailer the camera races up the side of the building and a title card zooms by that reads “Director of Back To The Future.” Anything about that flick excites me. I know it’s a long shot but fingers crossed, here’s hoping I see a cameo of Doc Brown or Marty trying to warn Phillipe about the future. Don’t laugh, it could happen…here’s to wishful thinking.

 Framed: Movie Trailers

I could spoon feed you the same old mushy meal that is your standard movie trailer review. I could go into depth and detail describing tidbits that you could simply see for yourself by watching it countless times in heavy rotation on YouTube until you’ve cooked your noodle and seared every nugget of footage into your corneas…but that’s not what FRAMED is. A trailer is a tease, a glimpse, a snapshot of what the movie is and what it could be and FRAMED is exactly that. It’s about finding that one single shot, one moment, one individual FRAME that lingers with you and propels you to zip over to the nearest multiplex with Mike n’ Ikes and  a large diet soda in tow and form a line a year in advance of the film’s release.